Stresmem Capsule

Stresmem Capsule

(Get Rid Off Insomnia, Mental Fatigue, Sluggishness.)

Stress, Environmental and Genetic Factors, Neurotransmitter Disturbances etc., are known to cause abnormalities in behaviour leading to Anxiety, Depression and Memory Disturbances. Short-term use of various medicines to Calm Hyperactivity may be effective, but the complications and side effects of prolonged administration limit their utility in most of the subjects. Stresmem is a Polyherbal Formulation and is effective in alleviating signs and symptoms relating to Anxiety, Insomnia, Mental Fatigue, Sluggishness, Personality and Behavioural Problems.


Nidranasha (Insomnia), Manoklesha (Mental Fatigue & Sluggishness), Manasika Vedana (Emotional Upset), Personality & Behavioural Problems.


Each capsule contain extracts of :

Sl.No. Botanical Name Sanskrit Name Qty in mg
1 Acorus calamus Vacha (Rhizome) 30 mg
2 Celastrus paniculata Jyotismati (Seed) 30 mg
3 Centella asiatica Mandukaparni (Herb) 50 mg
4 Convolvulus pluricaulis Sankhapuspi (Plant) 50 mg
5 Emblica officinalis Amalaki (Fruit) 75 mg
6 Ocimum sanctum Tulasi (Herbs) 50 mg
7 Tinospora cordifolia Guduchi (Stem) 50 mg
8 Withania somnifera Asvagandha (Root) 50 mg
9 Bacopa monnieri Brahmi (Whole Plant) 65 mg
10 Excipients & Preservatives q.s.


One to two capsules 2 – 3 times a day or as directed by the Physician.


60's Capsule in a Jar


  • Stresmem is a Nervine Tonic.
  • Acts on Central Nervous System, reducing Emotional Disturbance and Anxiety.
  • Helpful in Treatment of Insomnia and Behavioural problems.
  • Revitalises the Brain Functions.
  • A Complete Herbal Formulation to Tackle the modern day Stress and Strain.