Epderm Cream

Epderm Cream

(An Ayurvedic Skin Formula For Skin Protection- The Natural Way)

The manifestation of skin diseases are many and many a times the treatment is to be continued for a long time. The need for a safe and effective Ayurvedic skin cream is met with EPDERM CREAM a complete skin formula for various skin diseases.

Epderm cream is a combination of powerful herbal constituents that are gentle to the skin.


Vrana (Wounds), Yavana Pidaka (Acne Vulgaris), Padadari (Cracks), Kitibha (Psoriasis) and Various types of Kusta Roga (Skin Disorder).


Each 20 grams contains powders of :

Sl.No. Botanical Name Sanskrit Name Qty in gms
1 Acorus calamus Vacha (Rhizome) 2.96 gms
2 Azadirachta indica Nimba (Leaves) 1.48 gms
3 Berberis aristata Daruharidra (Bark) 1.48 gms
4 Carum carvi Krsnajiraka (Seed) 1.48 gms
5 Cedrus deodara Devadaru (Heartwood oil) 1.48 gms
6 Curcuma aromaticum Vana Haridra (Rhizome) 1.48 gms
7 Embelia ribes Vidanga (Fruits) 1.48 gms
8 Glycyrrhiza glabra Madhuyasti (Root) 1.48 gms
9 Hemidesmus indicus Sveta Sariva (Whole Plant) 2.96 gms
10 Holarrhena antidysentirica Kutaja (Seed/Leaves) 2.24 gms
11 Pluchea lanceolata Rasna (Leaves) 1.48 gms
12 Cream base, Preservatives & Perfume q.s.


Apply one to two times a day or as advised by the Physician.


30 gms in Tube.


  • Effective Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Non-steroidal, Safe in Psoriasis and all Skin Ailments.
  • No Irritation or Allergic Reaction.
  • Potent Antiseptic and Anti-Fungal.
  • Efficiently Treats Acne and Skin Cracks.
  • Reduces Burning Sensation and Itching.
  • Cleanses and Initiate Wound Healing.
  • Safe and Effective Skin Formula.