Neural Control System

Neural Control System

This consists of CNS ( Central Nervous System ) and PNS ( Peripheral Nervous System.)

The CNS has the spinal cord and the brain.

The peripheral PNS consists of the nerve branching of the Central Nervous System:

  • Afferent (sensory) and
  • Efferent (Motor) nerves.

FUNCTIONS OF Nervous System:

  • The nervous system is the body's chief communication system. It regulates many internal functions and also coordinates the activities, we know collectively as human behavior.
  • The phenomenon of feelings / emotions which are attributed to the mind are believed to be related to the integrated activities of the nerve cells.

Diseases of Nervous System

Disease pertaining to the nervous system include many neural disorder caused internally and externally (by trauma etc.).

Titubis, Asthenia, Peripheral Neurologia, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Paralysis, Alzheimer's disease, ADH, Mood disorders, Memory loss, Epilepsy etc.

VATHAPY, STRESMEM, MEMOCAP, and MENTORICH SYRUP and ARJIT FORTE, SENZADOL OIL are the medicines used for all disorders of nervous system. VATHAPY is the chief most among them in all Nervine Disorders.