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Abcap Capsule

Powerful Anti-bacterial

Rs 551.00
Arjit Capsule

Anti- Arthritic

Rs 435.00
Arjit Forte Capsule

Anti-Arthritic And Anti-Inflam...

Rs 558.00
Arjit Liniment

Pain Reliever

Rs 210.00
Arjit Liniment Spray

Instant Pain Reliever

Rs 180.00
Ayush Kwath

Immunity Booster

Rs 315.00
Broncap Capsule

Fior Respiratory Problems

Rs 485.00
Broncof Syrup

Cough Syrup

Rs 154.00
Caproliv Syrup

Liver Tonic

Rs 234.00
Cardiraksh Capsule

Cardiac care

Rs 616.00
Epderm Capsule

For Skin disorders

Rs 518.00
Epderm Cream

For Skin disorders

Rs 210.00
Gid Capsule

For Gastro Intestnal Disorders

Rs 481.00
Gid Plus Capsule

For Stubborn Gastro Intestinal...

Rs 518.00
Gid Syrup

Digestive Aid

Rs 192.00
Glycem Capsule

Hyper and Hypo glycemic Agent

Rs 446.00
Glynowin Capsule

Aids in maintaining Healthy S...

Rs 303.00
Hairich Capsule

Oral Hair Care

Rs 721.00
Hairich Herbal Shampoo

For Optimum Hair care Naturall...

Rs 174.00
Hbcap Capsule

For Anemia Management

Rs 496.00
Hepacap Capsule

For Liver Disorders

Rs 419.00
Keshrich Oil

Herbal Hair Oil

Rs 225
Lucap Capsule

Uterine Disorder

Rs 485.00
Lucatone Syrup

Non-Hormonal Uterine Tonic Plu...

Rs 244.00
Memocap Capsule

Memory Enhancer

Rs 551.00
Mentorich Syrup

Memory booster

Rs 117.00
Opcap Capsule

For Eye Diseases

Rs 490.00
Pylapy Capsule

For Haemorrhoids

Rs 518.00
Pylapy Ointment

For Haemorrhoids

Rs 210.00
Rathi Capsule

For Sexual weakness / Infertil...

Rs 684.00
REF Capsule

For Weight Management

Rs 551.00
Respocap Capsule

For Respiratory disorders

Rs 327.00
Senzadol Cream

Pain Reliever cream

Rs 333.00
Senzadol Oil

Pain Reliever Oil

Rs 166.00
Spirulinex Capsule

Food Supplement

Rs 452.00
Stresmem Capsule

Stress Reliever

Rs 475.00
Vathapy Capsule

For Hemiplegia / Paraplegia

Rs 738.00