Reproductive System

Reproductive System

In male - This system consists of the two testes, glands, their ducts and the penis. The transfer of sperm is from the testes through the ducts and the penis to the exterior. The female gonads include the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

The functions are :

  • The production of ovum for fertilization in the ovaries.
  • The uterus provides the place for the development of the fertilized embryo into a mature full term foetus
  • The male gonads produce and store sperms which along with ovum produces foetus.
  • Both reproductive organs in females and males produces hormones like Estrogen, Progesteron, Testosteron etc., which helps in maintaining sexual functions in Human.


  • In the female: Infertility, dysfunctional uterine - bleeding, dysmenorrhoea, menopausal disturbances and Hormonal imbalances, diseases of the uterus, pre-menstrual syndrome, PCOD.
  • In the male- Impotency, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emissions, spermatorrhoea, Oligospermia, etc.
  • RATHI CAPRODISIC is used in the treatment of male genito - urinary disorder and also in some of the menopausal syndromes in women.

Fatigue is not the ordinary tiredness one feels after exertion but a form of asthenia which may ultimately lead to functional impotence. Fatigue causes abnormal proneness to hypotension and atonic conditions of the digestive system. In sex act the whole body physically mentally, the muscular, nervous and endocrine system are involved. There is quest from time immemorial for a suitable method to enhance the sexual vigour and increase the span of sex life. Our present effort is an attempt to enhance the beneficial effect of an indigenous combination of herbs towards this attribute. The incidence of sexual inadequacy increase day by day due to the use of modern tranquilizers and drugs and also the modern busy and highly charged life styles.

Similarly, women suffer from sexual frigidity for various reasons like fright, undesired/forced sexual experiences etc. And also certain women suffer from menopause syndrome, which effect them badly for many years after forty. RATHI CAPSULE has been found effective in all these cases mentioned earlier, irrespective of age and gender and works with out any side effects. More the capsules, merrier the life !

  • Tones up male reproductive organ
  • Improves virility in men
  • Enables better retention power and ensures longer sexual pleasure
  • Is a non-hormonal indigenous safe and effective sex tonic
  • For female frigidity and menopausal disturbances

Medicines beneficial in treating disorders of Female Reproductive system are: LUCAP, LUCATONE, RATHI, CAPRONORM and STRESMEM .

LUCATONE SYRUP is used to correct all the diseases of the female reproductive system. Also used to treat PCOS and fibroids.

The combination of LUCAP, LUCATONE CAPRONORM is very useful in the management of Uterine disorders.

Fibroids is one of the conditions women are subjected to, after thirty usually, and operating it results in many complications.

LUCAP, LUCATONE SYRUP and CAPRONORM CAPSULE have proved to be a boon in eradicating fibroid by slowly dissolving it.

RATHI and CAPRODISIC –useful in Male Sexual problems