Musculo-Skeletal System

Musculo-Skeletal System

Skeletal system consists of the all the bones which constitute the body frame.

The muscles are the compound tissues which align these bones by their attachment to the bones. Voluntary and involuntary movements of the skeletal framework is brought by the muscles.

Muscles also form a structural and functional constituent tissue of some of the organs like the heart and Digestive system.

Contraction and relaxation of these muscles bring about the delicate and complex activities of the body.

Some of the diseases of this system are mainly inadequate functions of the muscles and the bony joints. Restricted mobility at the joints, in case of all kinds of Arthritis, spondylitis, muscle wasting, Muscular stiffness / tensions, Muscle fatigue, Tetanus Muscular dystrophy, cramps, osteoporosis, degenerative disorder of the bones etc.

The medicines used in dysfunction of this system are ARJIT FORTE, ARJIT, VATHAPY, ARJIT LINIMENT, ARJIT LINIMENT SPRAY and DIUCAP.

ARJIT and ARJIT FORTE are selectively used in all disorders of the bones and muscles.