Arjit Forte Capsule

Arjit Forte Capsule

Anti-Arthritic And Anti-Inflammatory

The ingredients of ARJIT FORTE Capsules have excellent Anti-Inflammatory properties comparable to NSAIDs. In acute conditions, symptoms of pain and inflammation are relieved without side-effects such as gastric irritation immediately.

Product Description


Amavatha, Sandhi Bhagna (Joint Fracture), Greeva shoola (Neck Pain), Kati shoola (Lumbago), Shotha (Inflammatory Conditions).


Each 500 mg capsule contains powders of:

Botanical Name
Sanskrit Name
Qty in mg
1Godanthi Bhasma
Godanthi Bhasma
40 mg
2Maharasanadi Quatha Choorna
Maharasanadi Quatha Choorna
165 mg
3Maha yogaraj Guggul
Maha yogaraj Guggul
210 mg
4Shankha Bhasma
Shankha Bhasma
85 mg


Two Capsules, three times a day after food or as prescribed by the Physician.


10 * 10's Pack


  1. Ensures Faster Relief from Pain and Inflammation in Acute Conditions.
  2. No Gastric irritation.
  3. Free From Side Effects.
  4. Arjit Forte given along with Broncap Capsule is Very Effective in Flu and Sinusitis.