Excretory System

Excretory System

This system comprises of Kidneys and the Skin. Kidneys with their ureters and the urinary Bladder help in the formation of urine. Urine is one of the chief excretory products of our system.

Functions of Excretory System

  • Regulation of water and inorganic - ion balance.
  • Helps in removal of metabolic waste products from the blood and then excretion through urine.

Diseases of Excretory System :

Diseases of other organ systems directly or indirectly effect the Kidneys. Diseases pertaining to Kidney are Infections, Congenital defects, Calculi and Tumours, Renal Malfunction and Renal failure.

The common Diseases of Urinary system are:

  • Urinary Calculi
  • UTI
  • Anurea
  • Polyurea

Medicines used to combat the diseases of this system are DIUCAP. In particular, DIUCAP capsule is used in Renal disorders.

DIUCAP is very beneficial in Urinary calculi and Anurea.

DIUCAP along with Abcap can be used in the treatment of UTI.