Capro Labs are the pioneers/trendsetters in bringing the Ayurvedic proprietary formulations in the modern forms like Capsule, Liniment, Spray, Ointment.

Manufacturing facilities available presently include capsules, Liquids, etc.,

Capro Labs is a State of the Art facility complying to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

  • The various production processes are carried in hygiene conditions, under controlled atmosphere. The entire manufacturing facility is ventilated with air control system to ensure clean working environment and prevent cross contamination due to settling of airborne dust particles
  • Latest sophisticated equipment and machinery are utilized in all departments to ensure and establish highest quality and standards.
  • Seamless epoxy flooring in all primary areas
  • Unidirectional flow of material and people
  • Access controlled processing areas
  • Dedicated air handling systems for Manufacturing & Packing areas
  • Capro follows stringent sampling and quality control system throughout the manufacturing process. Independent quality control laboratory well equipped to perform chemical, instrumental and microbiological testing. They carry out regular analytical tests to ensure the quality of raw materials as well as that of finished products. Issue of a Quality Certificate is a necessary step for accepting every item of raw materials. Standards specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) are generally followed in the QC Laboratory. The QC Certificate issued by the QA Department forms an integral part of the Batch Manufacturing Record (BMR) of every product. In the case of finished products, the Pharmacopoeial Standards specified by the Government of India are followed. A high level Quality Control Cell comprising senior physicians examines samples from every batch of products.

    Capro is following India’s extensive labour legislation; Strict compliance with anti-child labour laws; & meets with all the other statutory compliances.

    Always ecologically concerned, Capro has invested in an extensive biological effluent treatment plant to recycle and release the water which can be reused.