Abcap Capsule

Abcap Capsule

Powerful Anti-bacterial

10 * 10's Pack

In modern days, pollution and irregular food habits are responsible for diseases like allergic cough, throat irritation and other digestive disorders. ABCAP is an excellent product to build the resistance of the body and also acts as a health supplement. ABCAP is an anti-bacterial, Immno-modulator, detoxifier and useful in immuno deficiency diseases like AIDS etc.


Product Description


Kasa (Cough), Svasa (Dyspnoea), Peenasa (Common Cold), Parshwashoola, Swarabheda (Hoarseness), Mutrakruchra (Pain during micturition), Mutraghaata (Retention of Urine), Mutradaha (Burning micturition), Tvak vikara (Skin disorders), Kandu (Itching), Amavata, Vatarakta (Gout), Vatavikara (Neurological Disorders), Kamala, Krimijanya Vikara, Jeerna Jwara & in all types of Jwara.


Each 500 mg capsule contains powders of:

Botanical Name
Sanskrit Name
Qty in mg
1Emblica officinalis
Amalaki (Fruit)
50 mg
2Melia azadirachta
Nimba (Bark)
100 mg
3Piper longum
Pippali (Fruit)
40 mg
4Piper nigrum
Marica (Fruit)
75 mg
5Tinospora cordifolia
Guduchi (Whole Plant)
100 mg
6Terminalia chebula
Haritaki (Fruit)
60 mg
7Zingiber officinale
Shunthi (Rhizome)
75 mg


One capsule three times a day or as prescribed by the Physician.


10 * 10's Pack


  1. Safe Natural Detoxifier.
  2. Has Anti-septic and Anti-Bacterial action.
  3. Exhibits Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral action.
  4. Improves Body's Defence Mechanism.
  5. Stimulates phagocytosis by macrophage activation, increase polymorphonuclear cells and helps to overcome infection.
  6. Enhances secretion of antibodies into circulation.
  7. Builds resistance to the diseases and helps to prevent Re-infection.
  8. Daily health supplement in infection prone condition.
  9. Cures Chronic Fever, Fever associated with Cough, Rhinitis, Laryngitis, difficulty in Micturition, Itching and Skin Diseases, Arthritis, Gout, Jaundice and Worm infestation.

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