Mentorich Syrup

Mentorich Syrup

Memory booster

In The modern Era where you could get solutions and information in a blink of an Eye as a result of advanced Technology. This Advanced Technology is a Blessing as well as a Curse. Somewhere the mankind has forgotten to use his Ideas and skills to attend to an Issue. Right from School to Offices, the Stress Levels are so high that the basic things are always forgotten & compromised. Everybody wants to have a stress free life with a good memory. A good memory and concentration power is always an advantage, and helps you do better in Life. MENTORICH Syrup, enhances memory and concentration to last a life time. Made from all time tested and Potent Herbs it is definitely a boon for today’s world.

Product Description


Smriti Dourbalya, Medha vardaka, Mental Fatigue and Sluggishness, Helps in Retention and Increasing Concentration, As a Memory Tonic for all age groups.


Each 10 ml contains:

Botanical Name
Sanskrit Name
Qty in mg
1Bacopa monnieri
Brahmi (Whole Plant)
150 mg
2Celastrus paniculatus
Jyotismati (Seed)
100 mg
3Centella asiatica
Mandukaparni (Whole Plant)
150 mg
4Convolvulus pluricaulis
Sankhapuspi (Whole Plant)
150 mg
5Glycyrrhiza glabra
Madhuyasti (Root)
100 mg
6Ocimum sanctum
Tulasi (Whole Plant)
50 mg
7Three pungents
Trikatu (Fruits)
50 mg
8Tinospora cordifolia
Guduchi (Stem)
100 mg
9Withania somnifera
Asvagandha (Root)
100 mg


Two Teaspoonful Twice daily, or as prescribed by the Physician.


Pack of 3 nos of 200ml


  1. Acts as a Memory Booster and Brain Cell Developer.
  2. Improves Concentration.
  3. Has an Anti-depressant, Anti-stress and Anti-anxiety property.
  4. Complete Herbal formulation and can be administered for Prolonged Durations in all Age groups.