Glycem Capsule

Glycem Capsule

Hyper and Hypo glycemic Agent

Oral Anti-diabetic agents provide adequate sugar control in diabetic patients. However the danger of hypoglycemia is always present and require constant medical supervision. Further, presently available oral anti-diabetic agent many not prevent complication associated with Diabeties. GLYCEM is a balanced multi action formula having scientifically proven herbs and bhasmas for their known action on madhumeha.

Product Description


Madhumeha, Hyperglycemia (Intolerance to or not responding to other oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs) and in all types of Prameha (Hyperglycemia).


Each 500 mg capsule contains powders of :

Botanical Name
Sanskrit Name
Qty. in mg
1Azadirachta indica
Nimba (Bark)
50 mg
2Curcuma longa
Haridra (Rhizome)
50 mg
3Curcuma aromatica
Vana Haridra (Rhizome)
50 mg
4Emblica officinalis
Amalaki (Fruit)
50 mg
5Glycyrrhiza glabra
Madhuyasti (Root)
90 mg
6Naga Bhasma
Naga Bhasma
10 mg
7Gymnema sylvestre
Mesasrngi (Leaves)
50 mg
8Acacia catechu
Khadira (Heartwood)
90 mg
9Symplocos racemosa
Lodhra (Bark)
50 mg
10Vanga Bhasma
Vanga Bhasma
10 mg


Two capsules thrice daily depending upon blood sugar level or as prescribed by the Physician.


10 * 10's Pack


  1. Stimulates the Pancreas to Function Normally.
  2. Devoid of Hypoglycemic Shock and Allergic Manifestation.
  3. Do not cause Lethargy or Weight Loss.
  4. Safe in Renal and Cardiovascular Problem.