Broncof Syrup

Broncof Syrup

(A Safe, Effective And Versatile Cough Syrup)

Broncof Syrup is a safe non-steroidal cough formula to treat diseases of respiratory tract caused by infection and allergy. It strengthens the respiratory organs and helps to build up immunity. Broncof syrup is safe and palatable.


In all types of Kasa (Cough), Svasa (Dyspnoea), Shotha of Tundikeri & Galashundi (Tonsillitis & Uvulitis), Swarabheda (Hoarseness), Pratishyaya & Peenasa (Common Cold and Rhinitis).


Each 100 ml contains powders of :

Sl.No. Botanical Name Sanskrit Name Qty in mg
1 Abies webbiana Talisapatra (Dried leaves) 286 mg
2 Adhatoda vasica Vasaka (Whole Plant) 429 mg
3 Apium graveolens Ajamoda (Fruit) 286 mg
4 Clerodendron serratum Bhargi (Root) 286 mg
5 Cuminum cyminum Jiraka (Fruit) 286 mg
6 Emblica officinalis Amalaki (Fruit) 286 mg
7 Ocimum sanctum Tulasi (Whole plant) 643 mg
8 Piper chaba Cavya (Stem) 286 mg
9 Piper longum Pippali (Fruit) 607 mg
10 Piper nigrum Marica (Fruit) 607 mg
11 Sida cordifolia Bala (Root) 286 mg
12 Solanum indicum Brihati (Root) 286 mg
13 Solanum surattense Kantakari (Whole plant) 321 mg
14 Terminalia belerica Bibhitaka (Fruit) 286 mg
15 Terminalia chebula Haritaki (Fruit) 286 mg
16 Tinospora cordifolia Guduchi (Stem) 286 mg
17 Vitis vinifera Draksa (Fruit) 286 mg
18 Zingiber officinale Shunthi (Rhizome) 607 mg
19 Sugar Sita q.s.
20 Camphor Karpoora q.s.
21 Menthol Peppermint Satva q.s.
22 Preservative In a flavoured syrup base q.s.


Two teaspoonful three times a day or as prescribed by the Physician.


100ml Bottle.


  • Powerful Mucolytic and Muco-kinetic action.
  • Safe Anti-Allergic and Anti-Histaminic action.
  • Checks the Infection, reduces Inflammation.
  • Strengthens the Pulmonary Organs.
  • Check the Bleeding associated with Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  • Safe and Effective.