Caprodisic Capsule

Caprodisic Capsule

(Simulating Sexual Desire And Enhancing Performance)

In the Modern world many individuals under Stress and Strain become Sexually Neurasthenic, Sub-healthy and Functionally Impotent. Such individuals complain of Impotency i.e., complete absence of Erection and Inability to perform the Sexual Act or diminished Sex Desire accompanied by Feeble Erections. Caprodisic is an Excellent Sexual Stimulant and Enhances Vigour and Libido.


Vajeekara (Aphrodisiac)


Each capsule contains extracts of :

Sl.No. Botanical Name Sanskrit Name Qty in mg
1 Buteamonosperma Palasa (Bark/Seed) 30 mg
2 Asparagusadscendens SafedMusli (Root) 65 mg
3 Asteracanthalongifolia Kokilaksa (WholePlant) 40 mg
4 Withaniasomnifera Asvagandha (Root) 45 mg
5 Asphaltum Shilajit (Exudate) 55 mg
6 Mucunapruriens Kapikacchu (Seed) 45 mg
7 Alliumsativum Lashuna (Bulb) 30 mg
8 Myristicafragrans Jatiphala (DriedSeed) 30 mg
9 Puerariatuberosa Vidari (Tuber) 30 mg
10 Tribulusterrestris Goksura (Fruit) 30 mg
11 Excipients & Preservatives q.s.


One capsule three times a day or as directed by the Physician.


60's Capsule in a Jar.


  • Caprodisic is a Sexual Stimulant
  • Enhances the Vigour and Libido.
  • Helpful in Treating Premature Ejaculation.
  • Effective in Increasing sperm count.
  • With its Powerful Ingredients Acts as All In One Solution for Male Sexual Weaknesses.