Shishutone Syrup

Shishutone Syrup

Shishutone Syrup

(A Safe Herbo-Mineral Paediatric Preparation) shisuthone syrup SHISHUTONE is a novel concept to develop a healthy body and mind in infants and children. Shishutone does not contain any synthetic chemicals or toxic substances. Hence it is remarkably safe in children.

Product Description


Kshataksheena (General Debility), Emaciated body, Ajeerna (Indigestion), Aruchi (Anorexia), Intestinal Colic, Vibandha (Constipation), Atisara (Diarrhoea), Grips, Krimi (Worms Infestation), Dantodhbhava Vikara (Problems associated with teething stage in children) & Buddimandhya (Sluggish Nature).


Each 10ml contains powders of :

Sl.No.Botanical NameSanskrit NameQty in mg
1Argemone mexicanaSwarna Kshiri (Root/Seed)5 mg
2Acorus calamusVacha (Rhizome)10 mg
3Boerhaavia diffusaPunarnava (Herb)10 mg
4Ferrous sulphateKasisa5 mg
5Holarrhena anti-dysentricaKutaja (Bark)10 mg
6Limnophila gratioloidesAmbuja (Rhizome)5 mg
7Piper chabaCavya (Fruit)10 mg
9Piper longumPippali (Fruit)15 mg
10Zingiber officinaleShunthi (Rhizome)15 mg
In a flavoured syrup base


For infants up to 1 months - 1/2 TSF Three times daily For 1 month to 6 months - 1 TSF Three times daily For 6 months to 3 years - 2 TSF Three times daily




  1. Is an Ayurvedic tonic.
  2. Builds up Body Resistance Particularly Against Gastro-Intestinal and Respiratory Tract Infection.
  3. Improves Appetite and Digestion.
  4. Prevents and treats Indigestion, Intestinal Colic, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Grips and Cough.
  5. Minimises Health Disturbances During Teething Stage.
  6. Has Anthelminthic action.
  7. Is a Prophylactic as well as Therapeutic tonic.