Respocap Capsule

Respocap Capsule

For Respiratory disorders

Respiratory diseases are one of the most common health issues faced by the modern world. Pollution and Infections being one of the major reasons for the same. It affects all age groups, causing a lot of discomfort and hindrances to normal Life. Habitual smoking is also a major contributor to Respiratory illness. RESPOCAP is a comprehensive solution for respiratory Problems. It not only Fights infection, it also strengthens one’s immunity and cleanses the respiratory tract infectious contents. It’s a complete herbal preparation and can be advised for all age groups.

Product Description


Kasa (Chronic Cough), Peenasa (Coryza), Pratishyaya (Allergic Rhinitis), COPD.


Each 500 mg capsule contains powders of :

Botanical Name
Sanskrit Name
Qty. in mg
1Abies webbiana
Talisapatra (Leaf)
50 mg
2Adhatoda vasica
Vasaka (Leaf)
100 mg
3Glycyrrhiza glabra
Madhuyasti (Root)
30 mg
4Inula racemosa
Puskara (Root)
30 mg
5Ocimum sanctum
Tulasi (Whole Plant)
30 mg
6Sida cordifolia
Bala (Root)
30 mg
7Sitopaladi Choorna
Sitopaladi Choorna
60 mg
8Terminalia arjuna
Arjuna (Stem Bark)
60 mg
9Three Pungent
50 mg
30 mg
11Withania somnifera
Asvagandha (Root)
30 mg


2 capsules twice daily, or as prescribed by the Physician.


60’s Container


  1. Helps to treat Cough, Cold and Allergic Rhinitis effectively.
  2. Improves the Immunity and minimises the attack of Respiratory Diseases.
  3. It’s an Excellent Expectorant.
  4. Has Anti-microbial, Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial properties to protect the Respiratory system from Infections.
  5. Its Bronchodilating action provided good relief to COPD patients.