Gid Plus Capsule

Gid Plus Capsule

For Stubborn Gastro Intestinal Disorders

GID PLUS is a multi-dimensional approach for treatment of chronic stubborn Gastrointestinal Disorders which are not responsive to conventional treatment with Antacids, H2 Receptor antagonists, carbonoxalone derivatives etc. GID PLUS has been well accepted by the medical profession because of its high safety profile and exceptional cure rates

Product Description


Aruchi (Anorexia), Malabadhata (Constipation), Amlapitta (Hyperacidity) and Ajeerna(Indigestion)


Each 500 mg capsule contains powders of :

Botanical Name
Sanskrit Name
Qty in mg
1Acorus calamus
Vaca (Rhizome)
60 mg
2Agnimukha Curna
Agnimukha Curna
48 mg
3Allium sativum
Lasuna (Bulb)
48 mg
4Brassica juncea
Rajika (Seed)
24 mg
5Cuminum cyminum
Jiraka (Seed)
32 mg
6Curcuma longa
Haridra (Rhizome)
48 mg
7Harathala Bhasma
Harathala Bhasma
24 mg
8Nigella sativa
Kalaunji (Seed)
48 mg
9Sodium Chloride
Saindhava Lavana
24 mg

Ptychotis ajowan

Yavani (Seed)
48 mg
11Peucedanum graveolens
Satapuspa (Seed)
24 mg
12Ricinus communis
Eranda (Whole Plant)
24 mg
13Vidangadi Curna
Vidangadi Curna
48 mg


Two capsules three times a day or as prescribed by the Physician.


10*10's Pack


  1. Has an Antacid, Anti-flatulent, Anti-spasmodic and Mild Sedative action.
  2. Checks Hyperacidity, relieves Spasm, Pain and Anxiety.
  3. Promotes Healing of Ulcer.
  4. Checks Bleeding due to Peptic Ulcer.
  5. Tones up Liver function.
  6. Promotes and Regulates Digestion.
  7. Treats Constipation.
  8. Has Anti-Helmintic action.
  9. Is Safe and Free From Side Effects.