Hairich Hair Cream

Hairich Hair Cream

Hairich Hair Cream

(Natural Way To Complete Hair Care) Pelo Hair Cream Pelo Hair Cream is a safe, effective, Ayurvedic Hair care formula presented in modern formulation for the convenience of the customers. Pelo Hair Cream is appreciated by all age groups.

Product Description


Keshapathana (Hairfall), Palitya and Khalitya (Alopecia).


Each 20 gms contains powders of :

Sl.No.Botanical NameSanskrit NameQty in mg
1Boswellia wahruKunduru (Gum resin)6 mg
2Celastrus paniculataJyotismati (Seed)6 mg
3Eclipta albaBhrngaraja (Leaves)10 mg
4Hibiscus rosa sinensisJapa (Flower)22 mg
5Indigofera tinctoriaNeela (Plant)6 mg
6Myristica fragransJatiphala (Fruit)10 mg
7Carum carviKrsnajiraka (Seed)6 mg
8Ocimum sanctumTulasi (Herb)10 mg
9Phyllanthus niruriBhumyamalaki (Herb)6 mg
10Picrorhiza kurroaKatuka (Root / Stem)6 mg
11Tectona grandisSaka (Leaves)6 mg
12Vernonia cineriaSahadevi (Herb)6 mg
13Coconut oil base, Cream base,Preservatives and Perfume q.s


To be applied once every day after bath or as directed by the Physician.




  1. Stops Hairfall and Nourishes Hair.
  2. Prevents Premature Greying of Hair.
  3. Promotes Growth of Hair.
  4. Makes your Hair Silky and Shiny