Keshrich Oil

Keshrich Oil

Herbal Hair Oil

Hair which is dense and healthy is considered as an important parameter of beauty. Healthy Hair in women brings out elegance and in men brings out confidence. Hair brings one's self-image into focus, it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal; a tangle of mysterious prejudices. The importance of Hair care has been mentioned right from the time of Veda's and Upanishads. Keshrich is a holistic Hair care oil which give complete Hair care. It not only makes Hair Thicker, Fuller and Stronger but also Relaxes and Rejuvenates the Mind

Product Description


For Keshapatana (Hair fall), Keshya, Darunaka (Dandruff) and to Maintain Natural Hair Colour.


Each 15ml contains:

Sl.No.Botanical NameSanskrit NameQty. in gms
1Glycyrrhiza glabraMadhuyasti (Root)0.92
2Eclipta albaBrngaraja (Whole Plant)0.90
3Emblica officinalisAmalaki (Fruit)0.80
4Hibiscus rosa sinensisJapa (Flower/Leaves)0.80
5Melia azadirachtaNeem (Bark)0.50
6Trigonella foenum-graecumMethika (Seed)0.50
7Michelia champacaChampaka(Flower)0.50
8Cinnamomum camphoraCamphora (Crystals)q.s.
9Cocos nuciferaNarikela Tailaq.s.
10Fragrance q.s.


15-25ml per application or as prescribed by the Physician.


100 ml


  1. Promotes Hair Growth.
  2. Eradicates Dandruff (seborrhoea).
  3. Endows with Rich Hair Colour.
  4. Nourishes the Hair Roots.
  5. Excellent Hair Care Oil.
  6. Prevents Hair Fall and Strengthens the Hair.
  7. Treats Hair Breakage and Split Ends.