Hairich Oil

Hairich Oil

Hair Oil

HAIRICH OIL provides nourishment to hair follicle and enhances hair growth by local application.The ingredients of Hairich oil also treat many disorders of hair. Hairich oil, by virtue of its efficacy has been well accepted by customers.

Product Description


Khalitya (Alopecia), Palitya, Keshapathana (Hairfall), Darunaka (Dandruff) and Smrti Dourbalya.


Each 100 ml contains powders of :

Botanical Name
Sanskrit Name
Qty. in gms
1Boswellia wahru
Kunduru (Gum resin)
1.20 gms
2Celastrus paniculata
Jyotismati (Seed)
1.20 gms
3Eclipta alba
Brngaraja (Leaves)
2.00 gms
4Hibiscus rosa sinensis
Japa (Flower)
4.40 gms
5Indigofera tinctoria
Nili (Plant)
1.20 gms
6Myristica fragrans
Jatiphala (Fruit)
2.00 gms
7Carum carvi
Krsnajiraka (Seed)
1.20 gms
8Ocimum sanctum
Tulasi (Herb)
2.00 gms
9Phyllanthus niruri
Bhumyamalaki (Whole Plant)
1.20 gms
10Picrorrhiza kurroa
Katuka (Root)
1.20 gms
11Tectona grandis
Saka (Leaves)
1.20 gms
12Vernonia cineria
Sahadevi (Herb)
1.20 gms
13Prunus amygdalus
Vatadha Taila
14Cocos nucifera
Narikela Taila


Use 10-15 drops of Hairich oil and gently apply the oil on the scalp in a circular motion, using the finger tips. Retain oil on the scalp for at least 20 minutes. In severe cases, regularly massage with warm Hairich Oil at least twice a day


Bottle of 100ml


  1. Stops Hair Fall, Prevents Premature Greying and Promotes Hair Growth.
  2. Controls Dandruff and Ensures the Hair Growth.
  3. Promotes Natural Sound Sleep, Calms down Mind and Improves Memory.